the freckled frogg
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the food

At the Freckled Frogg, we provide our guests with the freshest and tastiest ingredients around. Harvested from the sandy soils of Waupaca County, we source a lot of our produce and ingredients local! From the farm to your plate, the Freckled Frogg menu is designed around the CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, concept. Whether it be delivered straight to our door from one of our local farmers or picked, by us, straight from the farm itself, we thrive to bring our guests the best and the healthiest food choices in the area!

Our unique chalkboard menus allow us to get creative and give our guests an ever changing luncheon experience. We design our daily chalkboard menu around the freshest produce we have to offer. Depending on the "freshest produce of the day", we deliver amazing salads, sandwiches, soups, quiches, and desserts with a special artistic flare. Beets to zucchini, strawberries to melons, chicken to tuna, the menu changes almost daily! Check out the menu on our Facebook page, or Instagram


We have our specialty salad listed on the chalkboard menu each day. Our salads are artistically designed and specifically prepared towards the types of fresh fruits and veggies used in each. As you move your fork around the beautifully built salads you will also notice a wonderful blending of colors and flavors brought in by our homemade dressings. Each salad gets complimented and layered with three to four of our different homemade dressings.

The picture to the right showcases our amazing Spring Strawberry salad. This salad gets layered with our basil vinaigrette, red-wine poppy seed, and strawberry merlot vinaigrette. It gets decorated with strawberry hearts, raddishes, honey dew melon, watermelon, cucumbers, celery strings, and soy nuts.

*Remeber, our menu does change daily! Be sure to check out our menu updates on facebook and twitter!

Our chalkboard menu also includes two to three very unique sandwiches. Again, the sandwiches do change quite often depending on the "fresh produce of the day". All of our sandwiches are contained by two pieces of our grandfathers home-baked bread, followed one of our homemade sauces, and held together by some of Wisconsin's best cheeses. Each sandwich gets toasted to a golden hue. They also receive an artsy side salad, tweaked towards the flavor and color of the sandwich.

The picture to the right is our Blackberry, Basil, and Fontina toastie accompanied by a Blueberry, Lemon Poppy Seed side salad.

Our crust-less quiche gives a pleasant healthier twist on the French classic. Our quiches are masterfully layered with the freshest veggies and herbs. Each quiche is also plated with a wonderful side salad. From Southwestern Style quiche to Sweet Potato, Leek, and Goat Cheese quiche, they are bound to make any "red hat" happy.

*The Southwestern quiche (right) is baked with a brilliant array of veggies and herbs. Black beans, tomatoes, peppers, onions, coriander, cilantro, smoked salt, and cumin help to make this quiche a Freckled Frogg Favorite.

The Freckled Frogg dessert menu is also a rotating chalkboard menu! Our desserts move fast as they are all homemade daily. Famous Triple Chocolate Freckled Frogg cake, Gluten-free Indonesian Banana cake, and Paula's graham cracker crusted Key Lime pie are staples here at the Frogg. But, make sure you check out the other one or two daily specials.

Our Famous Gluten-free Triple Chocolate cake is pictured to the right.
frogg's catering and appetizers

The Frogg's Summer Appetizers are culinary treats to the eye and to the taste buds. Like the daily menu, this evening appetizer menu changes depending on the "fresh produce of the day". 

In the picture to the right is a flavorful mixture of Prosciutto wrapped Peaches accented with our backyard Blackberries.
lemonades, coffee, and tea

Cool down with one of our four home-brewed, fresh lemonades. Green avocado lemonade, carrot lemonade, and many others dress our drinks menu. We also offer an unsweetened hibiscus iced tea, steeped with oranges and hibiscus flowers.

We also offer French Press coffee and teas from Fava Tea Co. *Soon to come to the Freckled Frogg: Traditional Italian espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos!


The wine menu changes just like our daily menu. We are constantly searching for new and nicer wines to add to our list. Our list may not be very big, but its exclusivity makes it very unique. Be sure to ask the staff which wine pairs best with the food as they have very worldly wine knowledge!